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Do you need high quality padlocks, paint, silicone and assembly kits?

This multipurpose wood stain is designed to provide protection to and weatherproof all types of timber, ideal for a garden building. With a number of different colour options available you can choose the perfect colour to compliment your garden. The wood stain is high quality and can be used on all types of timber products, such as furniture and buildings.
Delivers a high-quality decorative finish with a soft lustre that allows the wood grain to show through. A hard wearing, water repelling timber treatment that offers all year round weather protection as well as a mould and fungal inhibitor to protect the coating.
Cost-effective and waterproof wood stain that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It is used and recommended by professionals as, unlike a lot of competitor brands, it can be applied to old surfaces, planned (finished) and rough sawn timber.
Please note the colours are not pre-painted on the product before delivery, and are supplied in a tub of paint.
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What you need to know about the

BillyOh Harper Tongue and Groove Apex Summerhouse

A Traditional Design Apex Building

11mm Tongue & Groove Sections
Tongue & Groove Double Doors
All Fixings
Optional Customer
Optional Heavy
Duty Roof with
Additional Trusses

BillyOh Harper Tongue and Groove Apex Summerhouse Key Features

T&G Panel Construction


Double Doors

Window Design

Frontage Apex

Stronger T&G Roof Cladding Option

Traditional-Style Apex Summerhouse

Heavy-Duty Tongue & Groove Build

Tallest Apex Increased Headroom

Multiple Size Options Available

Traditional-Designed Windows and Double Doors

Weatherproof Roof Cover Options

*Shingle tiles are available on the 11mm T&G Standard and 11mm T&G Heavy Duty roof options only.

Solid Double-braced Truss Support

Premium Roof Options

Optional Solid Sheet or T&G Floor Materials

And there's more...


  • Optional pre-assembled Floor: (9mm OSB, 10mm Solid Sheet, 11mm TG, 11mm Pressure Treated TG, 19mm Pressure Treated TG, 19mm TG)
  • Optional pre-assembled Roof:(9mm OSB, 8mm solid sheet, 11mm TG)
  • Optional heavy Duty roof includes additional trusses
  • Optional Felt Options: Sand or Mineral
  • Optional Shingles: Shingles + Sand felt Capping

    What's Included

  • 11mm T&G Sections
  • T&G Door - Double
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Comprehensive Assembly instructions

Traditional Apex Design

Traditional Apex Design

Strong T&G Construction

Strong T&G Construction

Georgian Bars or Modern Style

Georgian Bars or Modern Style

Traditional Apex Design

Traditional Apex Design

Check out our BillyOh Harper range. The apex summerhouse is designed with tongue and groove (T&G) panels, with a Georgian bar window giving the Harper a long established, traditional look. The Apex design allows for increased headroom inside of the summerhouse, making mobility extremely easy.

Available in a range of different sizes, the Harper can fit in all types of garden styles and sizes. Our smaller buildings are perfect for gardens with less space or couples who need a cosy room for themselves (4x8, 8x6, 8x8). We also have larger designs (10x8 to 12x8) available, which are great for bigger families who want a place to host guests.

Get Cosy In Your Garden

The Harper style offers a cosy space with a traditional look, where you can get some quiet, peace and relax. Go outside, get yourself comfy and enjoy the feel of your summerhouse. With the Georgian bar windows, and large double doors you can look out and admire your garden from the comfort of your summerhouse all year round.

The lower roof panels and shelf space on the wall give the summerhouse a snug and intimate aura, making it an ideal area for winding down after a tough day and enjoying some relaxation time.

Get Cosy In Your Garden
Solid Tongue and Groove Construction

Solid Tongue and Groove Construction

The Harper Summerhouse has been constructed with 11mm Tongue and Groove fittings. The T&G fitting offers an authentic look, whilst also offering great protection against harsher weather conditions, providing peace of mind that your summerhouse will last for years to come. The panels are pre-made on site by our UK workforce using traditional methods. The boards are cut to length, with the panels interlocking together to give the construction it’s strength, not allowing water entry and protecting the interior of the summerhouse.

For added weather protection, Pressure treated options are available with the Harper Summerhouse. The pressure treatment penetrates the wood leaving you with a building that is low maintenance and doesn’t need treatment at home. You will save money in the long run and free yourself of maintenance worries.

Georgian Bar Door and Windows

The Harper has been designed with front Georgian Bar Windows, with styrene glazing. The windows are on the front of the building, meaning you are not restricted to where you place your summerhouse, in the corner of the garden or even tightly between two fences.

The windows and doors allow for lots of natural light to enter the building, great for spending long days inside relaxing. With the windows you can also sit back and relax with your loved ones whilst looking out and admiring your garden, or keeping an eye on the kids while they play outside.

Georgian Bar Door and Windows
Versatile look

Versatile look

Alternatively, if you do have limited space or want to go with a more modern look, you can custom fit the windows to suit you. We offer a variation on the design of the windows and doors, to keep the Harper at great value for money.

If you love the feel of a comfortable, cushy summerhouse and want to keep your garden style up to date, the Harper is ideal. By changing the window and door style you can combine traditional and modern keeping to a more contemporary garden style.

Select a Floor Option to Suit your Needs

Choose from a range of floor options. Durelis Solid Sheet provides a water resistant, standard level of protection. These floors are suited to lighter items being placed in the storage unit.

The 11mm T&G provides a stronger, interlocking floor for the shed. For larger and heavier items, we recommend, our premium flooring options which are the 19mm T&G floor and the pressure treated 19mm T&G floor.

If you’re looking for a floor which is durable and well protected, pressure treatment is a great choice. This floor option provides unmatched strength and durability. It also means no treatment is required at home.

Select a Floor Option to Suit your Needs
Durable T&G Roofing

Durable T&G Roofing

Included with the Harper Summerhouse is a durable roofing made with a 11mm Interlocking T&G construction. The roof is extremely durable and made using the same technique as the rest of the building, creating a totally stable structure. The roof is hard-wearing and will protect the summerhouse from harsh weather and falling debris. For increased stability, the roof is available with Additional Roof Trusses which provide further support to the roof.

To protect the roof, different roof covering options are available; Green Mineral Felt or Shingles. The Green Mineral Felt is the lowest cost option, providing a waterproof covering to the roof. The Mineral Felt is longer lasting than basic sand felt, meaning that it will not need replacing as frequently. Shingles are also available and these provide a longer lasting protection, without the need to replace them. The shingles create a traditional style roof tile aesthetic on the roof and protect the building from the weather.

Dimensions 4 x 8 8 x 6 8 x 8 10 x 8 8 x 8 Pressure Treated 12 x 8
Width 260cm 201cm 260cm 260cm 260cm 260cm
Depth 123.8cm 241cm 241cm 299.6cm 241cm 358.2cm
Width (Internal) 234.4cm 175.8cm 234.4cm 234.4cm 234.4cm 234.4cm
Depth (Internal) 111.6cm 228.8cm 228.8cm 287.4cm 228.8cm 346cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 210cm 196.6cm 210cm 210cm 210cm 210cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 149cm 149cm 149cm 149cm 149cm 149cm
Ridge Height (Internal) 205cm 192cm 205cm 205cm 205cm 205cm
Eaves Height (Internal) 151.1cm 151.1cm 151.1cm 151.1cm 151.1cm 151.1cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 111.6cm x 169.1cm 82.3cm x 162.6cm 111.6cm x 169.1cm 111.6cm x 169.1cm 111.6cm x 169.1cm 111.6cm x 169.1cm
Door Width 55.4cm 40.8cm 55.4cm 55.4cm 55.4cm 55.4cm
Door Height 169.6cm 163.1cm 169.6cm 169.6cm 169.6cm 169.6cm
Features 4 x 8 8 x 6 8 x 8 10 x 8 8 x 8 Pressure Treated 12 x 8
Windows 2 windows (all fixed) 2 windows (all fixed) 2 windows (all fixed) 2 windows (all fixed) 2 windows (all fixed) 2 windows (all fixed)
Factory Basecoat Treatment Red Cedar Water Based Red Cedar Water Based Red Cedar Water Based Red Cedar Water Based Pressure Treated Red Cedar Water Based
Shed Type Summer House Summer House Summer House Summer House Summer House Summer House
Roof Style Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex
Cladding Style Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove Tongue and Groove
Locking System Turn Button Turn Button Turn Button Turn Button Turn Button Turn Button
Pre-Assembled Side Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supplied with Fixtures and Fittings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.